Micro-economic underpinnings of growth

The objective is to understand micro foundations of intangible assets (IA) and causes for the productivity slowdown related to (mis)measurement of IA, IA deepening and measurement of productivity. Econometric analysis will be conducted based on LEED and other micro data. Specific objectives are:

  • To compare expenditure based and performance based measurement of intangible assets
  • To analyse market reallocation and the complementarities between tangible and intangible assets for productivity growth
  • To analyse the role of different types of intangible assets, including R&D, ICT and organizational competences and their importance for the supply and demand side
  • To analyse the role of interfirm mobility for knowledge spillovers and productivity growth
  • To analyse the challenges to SMEs for innovation, market entry and growth
  • To analyse the relation between intangibles and exports at the micro level, and the role of international knowledge flows
  • To conduct value chain analysis of the relation between intangibles, innovation and productivity
  • To analyse productivity-wage gaps for gender and age groups

The working package is led by the University of Vaasa