Macro-economic underpinnings of growth using EU wide industry-level data

The main objective of work package 6 is to use EU wide industry-level data to explore the relationship between intangible inputs & productivity and innovativeness performance. Specific aims are:

  • Elaborating knowledge spillovers across industries in innovation value chains that integrate R&D with ICT and organizational capital in LEED data and how these can be inferred using existing industry-level data.
  • Building innovation value chains using World Input-Output Database (WIOD, http:// from Eurostat and Eurostat input-output data. The basic source for intangible capital, IC, is purchased IC from IC producing industries and complemented with formal in-house IC or new broad IC estimates. WIOD and input-output data are applied in a way consistent with the System of Accounts, see Piekkola (2017).
  • Tracing the global value chains on how Europe is linked through trade to other major regions as a provider of high-value goods and services
  • Industry-level policy analysis as background for our policy analysis in WP7.
  • Analyse and validate the impact of the single intangible capital dimensions – software; innovative property; economic competencies – and their complementarities (as derived from the novel register and survey data) on labor productivity growth with the help of a cross-industry and country study

The working package is led by University of Hamburg.