Large scale pilot survey of intangible investments

WP4 will develop and implement a questionnaire survey on intangible assets in firms, drawing on our review of existing work in the UK in 2011 by Awano et al. (2010); Goodridge et al. (2014) and in the EU in 2013 by Montresor and Vezzani (2014). The questionnaire measure intangible assets both with quantitative measures (sales, intermediate, intangible assets, life length of a typical investment by intangible assets category, share of working time in investment-type work for new investment), but also qualitative especially in relations of private intangible assets to public intangibles (perceptions). Results aim to provide new estimates for parameters used in Innodrive methodology to identify innovation work from other (such as maintenance) and life length of each type of intangible assets.  In particular, WP4 will seek:

  • to design a structured questionnaire that will further explore metrics of the intangible assets
  • to prepare the appropriate sample and define the survey methods
  • to conduct interviews and cognitive testing
  • to pilot-test the questionnaire on a small scale
  • to conduct the survey in European Union countries and Norway
  • to provide an analytical report with the results of the survey

The working package is led by National Technical University of Athens.