Special Issue of Journal of Intellectual Capital

Intellectual Capital, Firms’ Innovation Growth and Emerging Value Spaces 

Members of the Globalinto project, Hannu Piekkola, Ahmed Bounfour and Carter Bloch, have contributed as editors to the forthcoming special issue in the Journal of Intellectual Capital, entitled “Intellectual Capital, Firms’ Innovation Growth and Emerging Value Spaces”

Selected papers were invited to the development workshop, which was held in Paris under the auspices of the World conference on Intellectual capital, co-organized by the European chair on intangibles, at UNESCO, on July 11, 2019. The special issue includes four papers from members of the Globalinto project: Hannu Piekkola, Felix Roth, Kristof Van Criekingen and Carita Eklund.

Read a summary of the papers here

Links to the papers can be found at www.globalinto.eu and at the journal website