Role of Policy for Development and the Use of Intangible Assets (D7.5)

Intangible capital comprises three broader categories, which are: (1) computerized information, (2) innovative property, and (3) economic competencies. The importance of the intangible aka knowledge capital has been confirmed in a number of studies, therefore it is important to promote further investment in intangibles also by different policy measures. This paper:

(1) Provides an overview of the dynamics of intangible investments in Europe and in European countries, on different data resources to capture the investment characteristics to the fullest possible extent.
(2) Explores the obstacles to investments relying primarily on the European Investment Bank survey data, which provides abundant data on investment structure and motives as well as obstacles since 2016.
(3) Presents the main policy measures for stimulation intangible investments and their components at EU and selected national levels.

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