Public Sector Intangibles and Governance Quality in the European Union (D7.2)

Intangible capital has been linked in the literature closely to productivity, however, the analysis of the link between public sector intangibles and governance quality remains under-investigated. This paper attempts to open the debate on the link between the public sector intangibles, governance and also intangible investments at large. The analysis is based on Worldwide governance indicators (Kaufmann & Kraay, 2020) and Globalinto country and sectoral data on intangibles (Tsakanikas, Roth, et al., 2020; Tsakanikas, Vasileiadis, et al., 2020). The paper attempts to open the discussion on the following topics: (1) the general characteristics of governance in the EU economies, (2) the characteristics of intangible capital in the private and public sector in the European Union; (3) relationship between intangible investment and governance quality, (4) relationship between the governance quality and the intangible investments in the public sector. The results reveal that the topic should be explored in significant detail due to the strength of the identified relationships.

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