Public Policy and Intangibles: A Conceptualisation and Critical Appraisal (D2.6)

Does policy take into account the important role of intangible assets for innovation, productivity and growth?

This report presents a systematic literature review to investigate the significance of policy, regulatory, and framework conditions for the generation and growth of intangible assets. It discusses the rationale and challenges for policy intervention, reviews current policy practice and highlights areas that need further policy development as well as further academic research for its support.

The paper argues that any consideration of policy support for the build-up and use of intangibles has to take into account the dual nature of intangibles. On the one hand, firms see acquisition and control of intangible assets as essential to gaining competitive advantage. On the other hand, from a systemic point of view, individual ownership of intangible assets can limit the sharing and exchange of intangibles that is indispensable for growth and innovation for the economy as a whole

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