Intangibles, Global Value Chains and Productivity Growth: New Evidence and Perspectives- GLOBALINTO workshop summary

What is the relationship between intangibles, GVC participation and productivity? What is the impact of different intangibles on labor productivity growth? How is domestic intangibles utilization related to global export competitiveness? And how did firms adjust their intangibles during the COVID-19 pandemic?

These were some of the central questions at The Horizon 2020 GLOBALINTO project workshop on intangibles, Global Value Chains and Productivity Growth. The workshop, held November 23, 2021, included four presentations:

Welcome and introduction. Hannu Piekkola, Professor, University of Vaasa, GLOBALINTO Coordinator

Intangible Capital and Labor Productivity Growth: Revisiting the Evidence. Felix Roth, Senior Research Fellow, Chair for International Economics, University of Hamburg

Business intangibles in global value chains: In search of export competitive advantage. Aggelos Tsakanikas, Associate Professor, Director of the Laboratory of Industrial and Energy Economics, National Technical University of Athens

Intangibles and agility in the COVID crisis, analysis and policy implications. Ahmed Bounfour, Professor, European Chair on Intangibles, University of Paris-Saclay

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