Intangible assets in the Public Sector: An Extended Definition and Methodological Guide (D7.1)

While there has been intense focus on intangibles in the private sector, the evaluation of intangible capital and intangible investment in the public sector has been much scarcer. The key input was made by SPINTAN project, which also defined methodological guidelines for the capture and the measurement of intangibles in the public sector. This report revises the existing approach to capturing intangibles in the public sector and proposes an alternative approach to measuring intangibles relying on the existing Innodrive and Globalinto methodology for the private sector, however upgrading it and extending it to make it suitable for the analysis of the intangible capital in the public sector. The report first summarizes the prevailing definition of intangibles in the public sector, followed by a discussion of the SPINTAN methodology as well as other attempts and finally, proposes a methodology for the Globalinto project, based on the Innodrive methodology.

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