GLOBALINTO Policy Brief – Public policy and intangibles (D7.8)

Intangible assets have long been an important component of the world-wide economic systems. However, there is no coherent policy or institutional framework for the development and deployment of intangibles as a category per se. This policy brief asks for a new policy perspective which must be based on the recognition that firm’s rights to appropriate rents on their intangibles investments and robust intangibles commons are dynamically interdependent: the growth of one facilitates the growth of the other. The analysis points to a number of areas in which there is a need for policy discussion development, including: new institutions, policy coordination mechanisms and policy portfolios, more systemic support for non-R&D components of intangibles, new measurements and knowledge bases to design, implement and monitor the new policy framework, revaluation the social policies currently in place, which are again geared toward an economy based on tangible capital.

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