Globalinto Policy Brief – Policies for Public Sector Intangibles (D7.9)

Policy Brief on Policies for Public Sector Intangibles

This policy brief outlines Globalinto findings as to the nature and conceptualisation of public sector intangibles and highlights the tensions and challenges related to policies for public sector intangibles. It suggests a number of policy recommendations to improve the value of and benefit from public sector intangibles, and illustrates the findings with the example of the UK and explicit strategies for public sector intangibles.

The brief argues for a fresh perspective on policies for public sector intangibles based on the growth of intangibles commons and the complementarities between the public sector and private sector intangibles and the intangibles commons. The analysis points to the following suggestions for policy development:

  • Firstly, there is a need to develop a broader and shared understanding of public sector intangibles as well as common guidelines for measurement to allow for a systematic stock taking of public sector intangibles in Europe.
  • Second, there is a need for systematic policies to better exploit the potential of public sector intangibles to create more public value as well as support private intangibles. Further, we should evaluate public value from investments in public sector intangibles over the long term rather than short-term financial returns.
  • Finally, while advocating a dedicated effort to build up and strengthen public sector intangibles for better public service and for private sector growth, we must take public concerns over privacy and equity more seriously.

See the policy brief here.

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