GLOBALINTO Input-Output Intangibles Database: Industry-level data on intangibles for EU-28 (D.6.2)

Using the concept of treating intangibles as intermediates, the paper contributes to the emerging field of quantifying the impact of intangible assets in an industry’s production cycle by introducing a higher level, 2-digit NACE Rev.2 sector inputs approach based on the inter-sector (and inter-country) trade of utilities. The study of intangible inputs in combination with various statistics regarding investment in Research and Development (R&D), allows the paper to successfully quantify the true impact of intangibles on a sector’s activity and furthermore, using trade statistics and further studying of inter-industry relationships, to map the intangibles trade between countries.

By adopting the concept of intangibles as inputs, the paper formulates an industry-level database of intangible assets based on production input data from all over the world, for 56 sectors in the EU-27 countries and Great Britain using international Input-Output tables and namely the World Input-Output Database. Output data of the sectors are also processed.

See the paper here.

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