Final report describing the survey results and methodology (D4.4)

Deliverable 4.4 presents a descriptive approach on the main findings of the Globalinto large-scale pilot survey of intangible investments involving 1796 firms in seven European countries. It covers extensively all sections of the survey, question by question, allowing for a general overview of the main trends that were identified. This is a basic reference document that can fuel future analyses.

The deliverable includes eight sections. The first section outlines main findings and methodology. The second section provides descriptive empirical results on general firm characteristics, while the third section offers an overview of the enterprise spending in intangibles and then focuses on each type of intangible assets investment. The fourth section highlights the results on firm-specific factors that affect investments in intangible assets. The fifth section provides empirical evidence on the innovation performance, and the impact of investments in intangible assets on the economic performance of enterprises. The sixth section focuses on policy incentives provided by national governments and whether they were beneficial to firms, while the next section provides some evidence on the impact of Covid-19 crisis on firms’ economic performance, digital strategy and capabilities. The last section of the report presents some preliminary probit analysis results that highlight the determinants of intangible investments, i.e., it concentrates on firm-specific factors that in interaction with system-specific (external) factors can explain the firm’s propensity to undertake this type of investments, as well as the role of intangible investments on the different types of innovation performance.

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